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The following pictures are from our Anniversary and Awards Dinner held on April 27, 2005 at Zenny's Restaurant in Storrs, CT.

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President Dr. Bernice Szafarek welcoming everyone

L-R: Dr. Bernice Szafarek, Stefanie Szafarek

L-R: Diane Potvin presenting Woman of Distinction Award to Jane Metzler-Potz

Diane Potvin congratulating Jane Metzler-Potz

L-R: Dr. Bernice Szafarek, Jane Metzler-Potz

Linda Johnson presenting Making A Difference for Women Award

L-R: Dr. Sandra Holley, recipient of Making A Difference For Women Award, Linda Johnson

Recognition of Past Presidents L-R: Joan Merritt, Barbara Straub, Patricia Brown, Diane Potvin

L-R: President Dr. Bernice Szafarek, Vice-President Mary Francis presenting Recognition Awards

Recognition of Members L-R: Diane Potvin, Joyce Burdick, Jeannette Duff. All have been members for ten years.

L-R: Lisa Rose, Chairperson of Women's Opportunity Award, Carmen Alamo, 1st place winner

Carmen Alamo, 1st Place Winner of Women's Opportunity Award

L-R: Dr. Bernice Szafarek, Lorraine McDevitt presenting 2nd place Women's Opportunity Award to Brandy Ducot, Peter McDevitt

L-R: Lorraine McDevitt, Brandy Ducot, Peter McDevitt

Governor-Elect Joan Merritt presenting Marion Schultheiss Advancing Women Grant

L-R: Lynn White, Program Director for Growing Stronger, President Bernice Szafarek, Joan Merritt. Growing Stronger was awarded first place for the Marion Schultheiss Advancing Women Grant

L-R: Rose Fowler from the McSweeney Senior Center, President Bernice Szafarek

L-R: Mona Friedland from Windham Hospital, President Bernice Szafarek

L-R: Ruth Lussier from Camp Horizons, President Berenice Szafarek

Brandy Ducot with her award certificate

Carmen Alamo and her daughter

Dr. Sandra Holley and Dr. David Carter

L-R: Pedro Johnson, Patricia Brown, Linda Johnson

The following pictures are of members and guests enjoying a good time

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